About me

Hi, I'm Ahmad Belal

I offer online IELTS courses and assessments. So far, I have registrations of more than 9800 in my courses, many of which realized and achieved their goals, which led to some astonishing changes in their lives. Let me help you achieve your target score. 
My plan

Helping you boost your IELTS Score

Dreaming big is one thing. But actually materializing your dreams is my job.
  • Learn in an interactive method
  • Understand the technique
  • Apply what you were taught
  • Achieve the Highest score
My story

I believe in YOU

Are you struggling with your IELTS score ? Stuck at band 6.5 in the Writing or the Speaking modules of the IELTS test? Is it difficult for you to write or recognize the different sentence types? 

All these are common problems for many candidates who sit for the IELTS exam. But these are all problems that can be tackled more easily than you think. All it takes is to make a big decision to redefine your goals and strategies and find the right techniques and support to transform this realization into an effective action plan.

After 5 years of experience in teaching the IELTS preparation and after having helped over 300 people in person and more than 9400 students in online recorded courses, I am excited to say that I am that right guide for you. So, what are you waiting for?
  • Discover the power of online learning
  • Improve your weakness points
  • Focus on your Strength points
  • Register in my courses to Ace the IELTS test
  • Let's make progress together


Learn more about the services and courses that I offer to help YOU achieve your target band score.
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Courses and Services

The best IELTS learning tools you can get

Interactive videos

Exceptional experiences with questions that show up on   videos to assess your knowledge.

Text material

Online community page exclusive to our members. 

Assessments - Exams

Follow up quizzes and questions on each topic covered. 

Certificate awards

Boost your confidence, master the IELTS, and achieve your target score. 
My approach

Forming a plan

Our vision towards the IELTS exam

Have a clear understanding of what your current level is in English, and your target score in the IELTS exam. 

Review your life plan

You will notice that you learned many things that might have been unexplored before the courses. This would be your chance to evaluate yourself and understand why you have not been able to get the score in previous attempts. 

Explore yourself

Have better understanding of your strengths and how you improve your weaknesses so that you can achieve the highest IELTS score. This is provided in the one to one coaching sessions for writing or speaking. 


Once you study the courses well, you should be evaluated after the completion to see if your level has changed as a result of the course. 

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